Monday, December 20, 2010

In another life maybe

I think after 18 years of having and loving my blonde hair, of lusting after that perfect platinum shade and stocking up on toner month after month the love affair may have finally ended.

Over the past few weeks I've adopted a need to go darker, to get that 'model hair' for want of a better term. you know the type, its long and messy and look like its never been touched by bleach or dye and only the most beautiful of girls can attempt to pull if off while still looking modern and fresh.

Unfortunately I lack both the face, height and body of the model type girls who can get away with the whole 'I just rolled out of bed like this and still look amazing yet effortlessly stunning' look.

Case in point the beautiful and sweet Lilly Aldridge.

And despite knowing I'm neither bronzed or pretty enough to pull this off the way she does, my one track mind will no doubt ensure a stroll down the hair dye section of coles in the next few days hours.

1 comment:

  1. she is so hot... love the ombre!